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Calthorpe Academy has put the child’s wellbeing at the centre of our thinking when designing our recovery curriculum. We acknowledge that learners will have had different experiences during periods spent out of school. However, the common thread running through all of this is the loss of routine, structure, friendship, opportunity and freedom; leading to increased level of learner anxieties.

We know that an anxious learner is not in a place to learn effectively.  So with this in mind, Calthorpe Academy has thought about the most effective way to restore learners’ knowledge, skills and mental wealth.

The principles of the recovery based approach is defined by educational evidence and accompanied by parental, staff and learner views. As a result for Autumn term, we will be focusing on the following four areas:

Area 1

Area 3

Supporting the learners to build positive relationships with others

Supporting learners to re-visit learning and then build upon their knowledge, skills and understanding

Area 2

Area 4

Supporting learners to manage feelings and their behaviour, whilst re-establishing routines and structures

Supporting learners with their physical health and wellbeing

What you will expect

  1. The class teacher will complete the ‘overview of home learning task’ sheet when setting home learning tasks for your child.
  2. Within the rationale section, the teacher provide a brief explanation of the tasks that have been set and what resources are provided that are applicable to each area.
  3. Each of the 4 areas will have different weighting of tasks – based on learner ability, their gaps in learning and curriculum pathway.
  4. The work will be sent via the most appropriate method i.e by post, email etc.
  5. The teacher will call to explain the tasks if necessary. If you require further guidance please call the school and ask to speak to your child’s class teacher.
  6. Please provide feedback via Evidence of completion of work to be sent via the following email addresses or in person when your child returns to school. Your class teacher will also obtain feedback via a follow up call.


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