Erasmus+ Project 2015 – 2017


The project entitled “to make our differences a strength” was a fantastic opportunity to work with and develop friendships between three schools from UK, Poland and France.

The aim of the project was to develop and share good practice with innovative activities that would meet the needs of all professionals and students taking part. The chance to combine these aims with visiting such diverse and divergent countries was a by-product which the students and staff benefitted greatly from.

The final year was led by Calthorpe Academy and revolved around the theme of exploration of the cultural heritage of Birmingham and the UK in general. The weeks of work were showcased in a Grand Finale. These were achieved with a Creative arts performance, Gala dinner, celebration of achievements all shared with parents and the wider community who attended.

It is through such wonderful opportunities to broaden our student’s learning experiences that set Calthorpe apart. All of the students who attended achieved so much and without their parent’s permission, they would not have responded in such a magnificent way. They all succeeded as individuals to achieve personal goals.

We hope that you enjoy watching the fruits of our labour.